Knock. Use your iPhone as a password for your Mac.


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I can't knock to unlock anymore, why is that?

Not to worry, most likely a setting go flipped ON by accident. Please click on the Knock icon in the menu tray and make sure "Require Touch to Unlock for this Mac" is NOT enabled. It should look like the following screen capture (notice there is no checkmark next to "Require..."):

Touch to Unlock is a setting for security conscious users that want to use TouchID to unlock their Macs. Please read more about Touch to Unlock in this article.

Knock and El Capitan

We’re happy to announce that we are ready to release Knock for El Capitan! Knock for El Capitan fixes all the common issues with Knock on El Capitan, including the Lock Button, Admin Password Support, Green Circle Size, and Notifications.

Update to Knock 2.1.2 today by clicking on the Knock menu item, and then selecting ‘Updates’ > ‘Check for Updates’. You should be able to download Knock 2.1.2. Please let us know if you run into any issues!

How does Knock work with the Apple Watch?

Knock and Apple Watch are a match made in heaven. With Knock 2.0, leaving your iPhone in your bag or the other room isn’t a problem. Whenever you open your Mac, Knock is right there at your wrist, ready to go. And with the Knock Glance, you can even unlock your Mac *while* you walk over to it – or lock it as you walk away.

Getting Started
1. Install Knock on your iPhone. 
2. Open Apple Watch app and select Knock. Enable “Show App on Apple Watch”. This will install Knock on your Apple Watch. 

3. Open Knock on Mac (or download Knock and install, then open). 

Knock on Mac will guide you through the setup. 
4. You’ll receive a notification on the Apple Watch, scroll down and press setup. 
(Knock may ask you to put your iPhone to sleep even if it’s already sleep, this is a known issue and we’re working on it. You can just turn the iPhone on and put it back to sleep in this case). 
5. Complete the setup on Mac. 

Once Knock setup is complete there are two ways to use Knock. 
1. You can use Knock *without* ‘Touch to Unlock’. This is the most convenient way to use Knock as you can simply knock-knock on your iPhone to unlock your Mac. If your iPhone is across the room, you’ll get a notification on your Apple Watch and pressing ‘Unlock’ on the notification will *also* unlock your Mac. In the Knock icon menu, "Require Touch to Unlock..." should not be selected.  

2. You can use Knock with ‘Touch to Unlock’ enabled. In this setting, Knock will ask you to use TouchID to unlock your Mac. If you have your Apple Watch on and unlocked, you can respond to the notification from Knock and unlock your Mac from your Apple Watch. 

Finally, you can use the Knock Watch Glance to quickly lock or unlock your Mac as you are moving towards or away from it. (Unlocking will only work if your computer is on display sleep and not full system sleep). You can also open the Knock iPhone or Watch app and lock and unlock your Mac by pressing on the computer screen. 


Knock graphics on Apple Watch are not consistent at this time. You should see a computer wireframe with your desktop image (it may take time for this to appear) on Glance, App, and Notification. We are working on this issue.

Glances load forever. Tip: even if the glance is loading, pressing on the glance should unlock or lock your Mac depending on state. We are working on this issue, but it seems to be an Apple Watch issue. 

Knock app shows a lock when the computer is unlocked. Knock became out of sync with the state of your Mac, force quitting and reopening Knock on iOS should fix this. We’re working on a permanent solution. 

How do I set up Touch to Unlock?

To use Touch to Unlock simply update to Knock 2.0 (on both iPhone and Mac) then press the Knock menu bar icon and select "Require Touch to Unlock for this Mac". 

That's it. 

Then to unlock your Mac, simply swipe left on the notification from Knock and press Unlock. Then use TouchID and watch your Mac unlock! 

How can I lock my Mac using Knock?

Yes! Simply open the Knock app on your iPhone and press on your computer screen.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can lock your Mac directly from the glance with a single touch! (Knock 2.0)

Why should I bother locking my Mac?

Did you know that anyone with access to your Mac can easily see all your saved usernames and passwords in less than 10 seconds without doing anything illegal?

Leave for 3 minutes to grab a snack and an average person with no technical knowledge can clean out your bank account. Unbelievable, right? This, unfortunately, is just one lonely drop of water in a sea of reasons to keep your Mac locked when you're not around. So if you do just one thing to try and keep your stuff safe, it should be locking your computer.

Support Status

All systems go!

Will you support Android phones?

At this time we do not have plans to develop an Android version of Knock.

Can I use one iPhone to unlock multiple Macs?

Not currently. Follow @knocktounlock for updates. 

I'm getting Knock to Unlock prompts on my iPhone and Apple Watch while I’m away from my Mac

Knock uses your Mac's "screenDidWake" signal to start monitoring for knocks on your iPhone as this typically means you are ready to use the computer. However, sometimes your Mac display will wake from a notification that pops up while your display is sleep

As such, the best solution for this issue is to prevent your Mac from displaying notifications when the display is sleep. (Notifications will continue to be displayed when you are on your Mac with the display on)

To change your notification settings, go to System Preferences > Notification > Do Not Disturb. In this section there should be a heading that says “Turn on Do Not Disturb:” and below that a radio box with the setting “When the display is sleeping”. You’ll want to check that box.
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